The Inspiration


Probably about to ask someone what color they're wearing!

Probably about to ask someone what color they’re wearing!

Before moving to Baltimore in 2011, I never paid much attention to my nails however finding myself in a new city with no family or friends, I decided I needed a hobby and thus began my obsession and love for nail polish. I am no longer in Baltimore but my passion for nail polish remained and actually has become a part of my identity. I loved buying new colors and trying art designs however when I would go online to look for swatches, I noticed that there were very few pictures of the polish on brown hands like mine. That is the inspiration behind this blog: to show my dedication for all things nail polish and love for different brands as well as presenting an opportunity for my fellow brownies to see how different colors will look against their skin.

I really hope you get as much out of this as I do! I am on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posting schedule as of now however sometimes I post more frequently than that so stop for some surprise posts! This is mostly a nail polish blog but I do enjoy talking about beauty and fashion as well so some posts will cover those topics. All of the nail polishes featured on this site have been purchased by me and I have not been paid for any reviews. All of my opinions are my own.

What do you think?

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