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butter LONDON & Allure have teamed up to create the Arm Candy Collection which I have to say is to die for. There hasn’t been a single collection that’s come out in a long time where I’ve been gaga for every polish! Even though the collection came out earlier this summer, I personally felt all the colors were more appropriate for Fall and with the Autumnal solstice making it’s debut in 2 days, I think it’s time to bust these babies out!

butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

I’ve split my review of the Arm Candy into two parts: dark polishes and light polishes. This review will be covering the dark polishes so be sure to stick around for the light polishes review!

Statement Piece from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

Statement Piece from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

The Arm Candy Collection is comprised of vibrant and trend-setting colors that make your nails pop and Statement Piece immediately caught my eye. In my personal opinion, it truly is the statement piece of the collection but I have seriously fallen in love with red nail polishes and they’ve become my go-to color so I’m biased. Statement Piece is an opaque orange red creme that pops! You’re quintessential red, no it’s nothing to write home about but with just the slightest bit of orange to it, it definitely stands apart from other reds. The formula was a bit on the thick side so I thought I would have near full opacity with one coat but after two coats you could still see the whites of my nails just the slightest bit. This polish is dries quickly and the creme finish looks beautiful with a nice shiny top coat. Despite Statement Piece being a highly pigmented red, I encountered very little nail staining.

It's Vintage from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

It’s Vintage from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

It’s Vintage stood out to me when I first saw it because I encounter very few polishes of this hue. It’s an opaque rust creme that I wasn’t sure was going to look nice on me even though I liked the color itself. Well I was wrong about that one! And the formula? Amazing! It’s super easy to work with and goes on very smoothly despite it’s thickness! It’s Vintage was opaque with just one coat but as always I use two coats for good measure. I was able to get to bottle color with one coat but I used two to bring out that nice deep richness of the polish and of course to accentuate the creme finish. I can definitely see myself wearing this throughout the Fall!

Lust or Must? from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

Lust or Must? from the butter LONDON & Allure Arm Candy Collection

Last but certainly not least of the darks in the Arm Candy Collection is Lust or Must? an opaque charcoal brown creme. This polish is an absolute MUST! I would be lying if I didn’t say that right after Statement Piece, this was the polish I was most eager to get my hands on. In the cold months, my favorite polishes are those almost but not quite blacks and Lust or Must? is just that as you can see! Despite the color being very deep, the polish was super thin and it took three coats to get to a point where I was satisfied with the overall finish. Two coats was enough for bottle color but there were some streaky and thin spots on some of my nails that didn’t even out until I applied three coats. Although this is a creme polish, after I put on a top coat it looked more like a jelly and created this gel manicure look which I absolutely adore! I love the sleek look of gel manicures without the damage.

I hope y’all like the darks because you are going to love the lights! Which one of these were your favorites and which ones could you do without? Normally I’m really sad about the end of summer but this year is different. I’m really excited to usher in Fall and I think it’s because of some of the changes that I’ll be encountering in my life over the next year and Fall seems to be the start of it all. So summer, you were really good to me and I’m always sad to see you go but I’ve gotta admit, I’m really looking forward to the change. I say this now but watch as soon as the temperature drops below 70, I’ll be begging summer to make it’s way on back to me!