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While everyone released their Summer 2015 Collections mostly comprised of bright crèmes and neon jellies, Deborah Lippmann was like “Imma let y’all finish but…” and dropped her line of rich and earthy polishes, The Painted Desert Collection, for the summer. Florals for Spring? Grounbreaking. Earthy tones for Summer? Unheard of! I looked at the Collection online a few weeks ago and thought “nice but not really what I’m going for right now” and didn’t purchase any of the polishes. The other day I was walking through Sephora, take my paycheck already why don’t you, and came across Earth Angel.


Deborah Lippmann Earth Angel from the Summer 2015 Painted
Desert Collection

All of the press releases I saw for the Painted Desert Collection only had 4 polishes, Desert Moon, Love in the Dunes, Terra Nova, and Shifting Sands, none of which really caught my eye but at Sephora I saw Earth Angel and I swear I heard that “heavens opening up and the halo of an angel descending” music play in the background. Okay that’s dramatic and I believe it was actually a Jessie J. song playing but follow me, I’m trying to set the scene. Anyways, I don’t know why this polish wasn’t featured with all of the other press releases because if it was, I would’ve been more enthused when I saw this collection weeks ago!


Earth Angel – dusty rose with a subtle shimmer

Earth Angel is a dusty rose with shimmer. The shimmer is fairly subtle and is mostly visible when it catches the light a certain way. Deborah Lippmann describes at as “full coverage” and full coverage indeed, this polish is definitely a one coat wonder! I was able to get to bottle color and full opacity with just one coat which is pretty rare! I used two in these pictures however because I wanted to see if that would pull just a bit more shimmer but it didn’t, not  that I mind though; I was mostly drawn to the polish because I cannot tolerate super-duper shimmers outside of the holiday season.


Deborah Lippmann Earth Angel

This formula is great because it dries very quickly, there’s no streakiness, and you can get full coverage with just one coat however man is this polish thick! It almost verged on the point of goopy but that could’ve been partially my fault as I walked around with it in my purse in the heat for close to two hours then immediately stuck it in the fridge when I got home for an hour before applying. I’m sure, at least I’m hoping, it’ll have thinned out just a little bit the next time I wear it. Earth Angel isn’t in keeping with the brights I’ve been wearing for the past couple of weeks however I like that it’s a bit different however doesn’t evoke Fall or even worse, Winter! These polishes are Sephora Limited Editions so if you’re looking for a Summer Collection that isn’t taking the same beaten path as every other brand, definitely get your hands on some of the Painted Desert Collection polishes!