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Today’s my birthday, YAY 28, however this post is more so a gift for all of my fellow June babies and Geminis! Julep is having a fabulous June birthday box giveaway.


Happy Birthday June Babies

If your birthday is in June, you are eligible to receive a birthday box of three nail polishes and one eye pencil! The nail polishes are geared towards our gem stones, pearl and alexandrite, and they are so beautiful!


All of the polishes in the June Birthstone Box

The Gel Eye Glider that comes in the June box is Smoky Taupe Shimmer, which is quite literally and basically a smokey taupe eyeliner with a slight bit of shimmer.


Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer

This eyeliner glides on smoothly and lasts long without smudging. I am normally a black eyeliner girl so I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one!


Julep Smokey Taupe Shimmer Eyeliner

Thankfully the shimmer is very subtle so and went well with my skin tone! The only downside about this eyeliner is that there isn’t a built in sharpener on the other end of the pencil but I recognize this is my own laziness and I have been spoiled by eyeliners that have this simple but remarkable efficient feature.

The first polish in the June birthday box is Shelly.


Julep Shelly

Shelly is a wintermint crème which I am guessing is to supposed to invoke the Pearl/ Moonstone gemstone for the month of June.

Julep Shelly

Julep Shelly – a mint creme

Shelly applied very smoothly as the polish was very easy to work with and I didn’t experience any smudges or goopiness. I was able to get to bottle color and full opacity with two coats. Shelly is a bit of a trickster though. It went on a tad darker than bottle color and was pretty difficult to capture. Although this looks mint in the bottle, I’d say it’s more of a baby soft somewhat green leaning blue.


Shelly is a keeper!

Ming is a sheer wild orchid. It has a jelly finish and while the color of this polish is really pretty, it was a pain in the butt to work with.

Julep Ming

Julep Ming

I don’t have a color like this in my polish collection that I recall so I was very excited when I opened the box and saw this; y’all know I love pinks! Application however was not as great as the color. This polish is a double whammy of difficulty, sheer AND jelly, so I was prepared for a bit of annoyingness but after a while I was ready to give up.


Julep Ming, pretty but a pain!

Because Ming is so sheer, I used three coats which was enough to somewhat get me to bottle color however it took forever to dry between coats. The polish is sheer so you’d think the formula would be on the thin side but nope, Ming marches to its own drum! The formula was thick and goopy so try as I may to apply thin and even coats, I ended up with thick coats on nearly every nail and could literally see the layers of polish building up on my nails. And at the end of it all I did have pretty nails to show for it but I also could still somewhat see the white tips of my nails.

Now for the pièce de résistance of the box, we have Heidi. Heidi is the Alexandrite of the box and the signature June color from the Birthstone Collection.

June Birthstone Collection -Heidi

June Birthstone Collection -Heidi

A purple and blue duochrome, Heidi is named for no other than Heidi Klum who was born on June 1.


Heidi, purple and blue duochrome

Okay this polish is beautiful, actually beautiful is an understatement. It is gorgeous, striking, and radiant, just like the gemstone it was created in honor of!


I think Heidi Klum would be quite proud to have this polish named after her!

Heidi is very easy to work with because of its nice thin formula. I actually could’ve used one coat and been alright with that but I used two to get the truth depth of this duochrome and get a richer finish. Although you can see there are two distinct colors, purple is the predominant color that shines through. The little blue I did see what difficult to capture and only came through at certain angles. Nonetheless this is the color I’m rocking on my 28th birthday, 28 and feeling great!

Happy birthday to all of my fellow June babies, if you haven’t taken advangtage of this awesome offer, I suggest you head to Julep right now! Also more incentive – there’s a 50% off coupon in the box! Yeah yeah, thank me later 🙂