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OPI Hot & Spicy is HOT HOT HOTTTT!

OPI Hot & Spicy

OPI Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy is a coral crème polish that seriously verges on orange but isn’t exactly orange. The true color of this polish was very difficult to capture, even in the same lighting. Y’all know I love a good coral and I have many shades but this is the most orange leaning polish in my collection; it almost looks neon! Hot & Spicy is opaque with two coats and you can get to bottle color with just two coats however I used three. The formula was pretty easy to work with but I used three coats because even though this polish isn’t sheer, I noticed a few streaks by my cuticles which was a bit annoying so for uniformity I applied a third coat. Hot & Spicy dried pretty quickly and with a shiny top coat, the crème finish pops!


OPI Hot & Spicy – very orange looking here!

This polish is a great addition to my summer collection for sure and since the weather is still being weird here, it’s nice to look down at my nails and see something so bright!

ps- for my readers in the United States, today is National Donut Day! Dunkin Donuts is giving away free donuts with the purchase of a beverage and Krispy Kreme is giving them away for free. Hope everyone gets can get their hands on one because the only thing better than a donut is a FREE donut. Happy Friday 🙂