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I feel like I’ve been seeing engagement and wedding everything everywhere. I guess that makes sense since wedding season is upon us and wedding nail polish collections are being released left and right. Now that I’m a Future Mrs. and can let my wedding superstitions fall to the wayside, I’m fully partaking in wedding themed everything, especially nail polish! What do you mean by “letting my superstitions fall to the wayside?” Well I’m super duper superstitious when it comes to a couple of things some people would find fairly silly and as such I try not to jinx myself if I can help it. For example, I don’t ever celebrate my birthday before the actual day of my birth. My birthday is June 12 so if it fell on a Sunday, I wouldn’t go out and celebrate the Saturday before, I’d wait until after midnight or the Saturday of that week to celebrate. The same was true when it came to being engaged/ married. I never wrote my first name with my now fiancé’s last name and I feel really giddy now that I can! I bought a nail polish that I really liked a while ago however when I found out the name of it was wedding/ engagement related, I refused to wear it. I had been sitting on this one monogrammed purse for a while and just recently purchased it because I didn’t want to buy it with my “future” initials if I wasn’t engaged. I know this sounds crazy, if someone was telling me all of this I’d be like “Girl… *insert Michelle Obama side eye here*” but we’ve all got our little idiosyncrasies!


Essie Got Engaged

Although there are a lot of new Bridal collections on the market for this upcoming wedding season, I decided to stick with an Essie throwback for my manicure today. Essie Got Engaged from the She Said Yes Wedding Collection 2014 is a very light pink blush that verges on nude and contains hints of sparkle. It is exceptionally sheer and to reach bottle color I had to use three coats but I didn’t experience any of the usual issues you deal with when it comes to sheer polishes which is a major bonus. I like that the sparkle is very subtle because with a soft pink like this, really obvious sparkles would take away from the delicateness of the color. Tip wear with this polish after several days was very minimal and for how light this pink is, I’m pleasantly impressed that I cannot see the whites of my fingertips. I’ve applied this polish on both long fingernails and short fingernails and honestly, I prefer it on shorter fingernails but that’s just me. Got Engaged is very easy to apply and went on smoothly with no streaks or bubbling. I finished the look with Seche Vite topcoat which I tolerate the smelliness of only because it is a great top coat and leaves my manicures shiny for days!

I’m excited to get into other Bridal nail polish collections. Any recommendations from ones you may have tried and liked so far?