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I was in New York City most of last week for New Years and one of the things I did while there was get manicures with my older sister. Normally I do my own manicures but I wanted to get a mani at Tenoverten in NYC so I decided to make an exception and let me tell you the experience was great! I first heard about Tenoverten when I was shopping at J. Crew and was drawn to their polishes. After doing some research, I discovered Tenoverten is more than a brand; they have three locations in NYC and I knew I had to go. I was not disappointed!

Tenoverten Polish Display

Tenoverten Nail Polish Display

The posh salon environment and quality services would make you think to prepare yourself to shill out of some major $$$ but that wasn’t the case at all, Tenoverten is very affordable. I got the signature manicure which was $25 and my sister got the quickie for $15. They have a wide variety of high-end nail polishes, RGB, NARS, and Chanel just to name a few, as well as lotions and other manicure/ pedicure tools for sale. Although there wasn’t as wide of a variety of colors as there are in most salons, the higher end selections made up for that.





Along with their own brand of nail polish, Tenoverten carries RGB and Chanel

My sister received her manicure from one of the managers, Frances, who was really sweet, engaging, and made us feel welcome. One thing that’s different about Tenoverten is rather than drying your nails under a UV light, they put on drying drops and allow you to sit for as long as you want while your nails dry. It doesn’t take too long, our nails were dry in about 20 minutes. I use drying drops when I do my manicures and find them to be effective. Also I think it’s great the salon is making a conscious decision to not use UV drying lamps because of their potential harmful effects.


Nail Polish and Starbucks, two of my favorite things!

When I made our reservations I had to enter credit card information which I thought was a little weird but when I went to pay they just charged my card right from the computer. This was great because seriously how many of you out there have ruined a manicure after diving into your purse to retrieve your wallet or to pull out your card from one of those teeny slots? I know I’m not the only one!

The finished result! My sister picked Pine, a forest metallic and I picked Church, a rich bordeaux

The end result! My sister picked Pine, a forest metallic and I picked Church, a rich bordeaux

Also fun fact – their polishes are named after streets in Manhattan. As if I need to gush anymore about Tenoverten, their nail polish is 5-free, cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA!

Tenoverten Church

Tenoverten Church, so chic!

Overall this was such a great experience as it really helped pick me up after the disappointment that was NYE. I am definitely going back the next time I’m in NYC! Have you been to Tenoverten or use their products? If so, tell me about your experience!